We met Fabiano Goulart at WAD house during our trip to Ibiza. We fell in love with his unisex jewelry mixing the warmth of the wood and the sharpness of the silver. We let you read the quick chat we had with him.
How have you started your brand?
I’m originally from Brazil but I’ve been living in Ibiza for 17 years. Some years ago I started studying jewelry and after some courses I decided to create a little collection to try it out and see people’s acceptance. Ibiza is a great place to launch a brand because it’s a real window to the world, there is people from all over coming here. I created 120 pieces and had everything sold out! So that’s why I decided to move on to the next step, and I created a full collection this time.
Tell us more about your last collection.
This collection is called Terrae Brasilis, inspired by the ceremonial body paintings of the indigenous tribes from Brazil. I’m using 14 different kinds of wood, from the lightest to the darkest. For example, one of them is from the door of a church. A church from 1820, almost 200 years old. The door was damaged and when it was replaced a friend of mine kept a small part and donated it to me. Can you imagine all the history behind that piece? It’s not only about the jewelry, it’s as well about the history behind it. I focus on recycling and renewable resources.
Why are you focusing on wood?
My passion is wood. Back in the days before I started jewelry, I always wanted to have a wood ring but I could never find something that would interest me, so I designed my own ring. I found a jewelry designer that manufactured it for me. When I was studying I was always focusing on wood. I love the warmth of the wood and the sharpness of the silver. 
Where can we buy your jewelry?
There is one shop here in Ibiza (Noss) where you can find my pieces, and another one in Tokyo (Shelter). My idea is to have a shop representing me in a few different cities around the world. I’m selling most of my pieces on my website and I’m shipping worldwide.
How are you working?
I start with the idea that will be my inspiration to create the collection. From there I do researches to define the pieces and shapes. Getting the correct woodcuts is a big challenge and it demands a lot of time, patience and practice to have a good result.
I have carefully chosen a silversmith that brings my designs to life.
A final say?
Sustainability is the way to go and you can still look amazing wearing beautiful jewelry and showing your love for the nature.


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