Loin de vouloir créer des vêtements pour la fame ou parce que tout le monde le fait, Samy et Ivan sont d’authentiques amoureux de la sape. C’était donc simplement l’ordre logique des choses qu’ils fondèrent Enfant du Cartel en juin dernier.

Des hoodies, t-shirts et vestes arborant tantôt une photo de femme en burqa, tantôt l’Armée Populaire de Corée, des enfants soldats ou des kalashnikovs… Loin non plus de vouloir esthétiser la guerre, leur but est de mettre les gens face à leurs propres ambiguïtés devant des images qui dérangent. Le duo est doté d’une lucidité et d’une sagesse qui leur donnent une légitimité dans le fashion game.

Vous l’aurez compris, Enfant du Cartel est notre coup de coeur, et on vous laisse lire le petit échange que l’on a eu ensemble sur le gram.

Disponible sur et chez aaucarre au 23 rue Vaneau 75007, Paris.



Far from wanting to design clothes for the fame or because everybody does it, Samy and Ivan are authentic garms lovers. It was therefore logical that they founded Enfant du Cartel last June.

Hoodies, t-shirts and jackets with a woman in burqa, or the Korean People’s Army, children soldiers, kalashnikovs… Far either from wanting to aestheticize war, their aim is to make people face their ambiguities in front of disturbing pictures. The duo has lucidity and wisdom that gives them legitimity in the fashion game.

As you will have understood, Enfant du Cartel is our crush, and we let you read the conversation we had on the gram.

Available on and at aaucarre au 23 rue Vaneau 75007, Paris.



WAD Team: Hi Sam, how are you?

Enfant du Cartel: Good as we can, what about you?

WT: We are good too thanks!

EDC: Introduce us to Enfant du Cartel team.

EDC: Enfant du Cartel team includes Ivan and myself. It has been almost 10 years that we met through our common passions which are clothes, music, photography and our roots.



WT: What made you launch your own brand?

EDC: What is better than making your own clothes when you like to dress up? Our desire to create has born when we started to customize our jackets, our jeans… The second reason is that we don’t want to have a boss and to be part of this cartel, but to create our own family.

WT: Why have you called it Enfant du Cartel (Cartel Child)? What are you inspired by?



EDC: This is an image, we consider that the world is a cartel, a dark entity, driven by greed, which destroys, causes hate and urban wars… And we are its children, innocent victims.

WT: Tell us about the Burqa t-shirt. Regarding the current context, I guess it doesn’t go unnoticed in the street?

EDC: That’s true that it attracts the attention with the « Burkini » controversy, but we had already designed it a few months before.



EDC: Generally, we decided to collaborate with Alfred Yaghobzadeh because his pictures are striking and force the person in front of it to think and create his own opinion.

WT: How do you organise the design and the clothes production?

EDC: For this collection we remain simple, t-shirts and hoodies, everyday basics to wear easily these strong images.



EDC: We let ourselves go with customization of jackets, Ivan is really good at it.

For the production, it happens at Château Rouge, whether it is printing or shaping.

WT: Where can we get Enfant du Cartel clothes?



EDC: On our website launched a few days ago and at @aaucarre you can find a small selection of the collection.


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