On a échangé quelques paroles digitales avec la fondatrice de la marque Louise Marie Elizabeth Vanhelst ; des basiques, du t-shirt à la culotte en passant par les chaussettes, revisités avec la patte de la créatrice, qui s’avère avant tout être une artiste à part entière. Des messages drôles et décalés, imprimés grâce à une technique qui lui est propre.

Pour retrouver ses créations ca se passe sur son eshop et sa page Instagram.

We exchanged a few digital words with the founder of brand Louise Marie Elizabeth Vanhelst; basics, from t-shirts to panties and socks, revisited with the designer’s touch, which turns out to be an artist as well. Funny and offbeat messages, printed using a technique of her own.
To find her creations, you’ll go on her eshop and her Instagram page.



WAD – Hey Louise! Cute designs, tell us about your band, how and why did you create it?

LME – Thank you! It’s simple, at the beginning I was just drawing. I’ve been working for almost a year on a very serious project, so I needed to breath and have fun, then I started making t-shirts. My approach is very artistic. Every piece is made one by one, they are unique.


WAD – You don’t do only tshirts right?

LME – Indeed, I also do panties and socks.

WAD – What inspires you for the drawings on them?

LME – Most of them are artistic references. Artworks, artists that I really like. I thought it was cool to bring it to t-shirts, as I had never seen any Nan Goldin t-shirts for example. I also get inspired from my daily life, I have some favourite themes like alcool, LGBT culture, life and death…img_0864

WAD – What technique do you use? You’re painting directly on the fabric?

LME –  I’m keep this secret, but basically it’s some easy transfer system on the fabric thanks to an imprint. The result is super wash-resistant.

WAD – Nice! When did you launch the brand? Where can we buy a t-shirt?


capture-decran-2016-11-07-a-15-41-40 img_0865

LME – I’ve launched the brand this summer! And it’s available on my etsy eshop.

WAD – What’s your relationship to fashion?

LME –  I like to take care of my style, find original vintage pieces, that correspond to who I am. But I don’t have any peculiar fascination for the fashion universe, and I’m fighting against our consumer society.

capture-decran-2016-11-07-a-15-43-08 img_0866

WAD – Art before fashion then. Who are your favourite artists?

LME – Yes ! De Vinci, Le Bernin, Jacques-Louis David, Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Peter Doig… Such a hard question!

WAD – Your favourite piece among your designs?

LME – I really don’t know! I love them all <3 <3 <3

capture-decran-2016-11-07-a-15-41-32  img_0867

WAD – Haha, what would you offer to your best friend as a gift?

LME – Certainly some lil panties, so that she can think about me every time she goes to pee! Maybe the one with a Dali artwork, the aphrodisiac phone.

WAD – Why not! And to your worst ennemy?

LME – I don’t do gifts to my ennemies <3


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